Tagged: London in the nineteenth century

A capital idea

On Thursday, when Michael took Sarnia to luncheon, he said: ‘I have a capital idea for next Sunday. We will take the train to Brighton, and bathe in the sea.’ ‘I am afraid I cannot.’...

Chop House

They went to Stone’s Chop House in Holborn, and sat at a table at the rear. The place was full of its usual mid-day bustle of activity: waiters jostling down the narrow aisle with plates...

Not a true lady

It was Sarnia’s habit to cross the road by the entrance to Chancery Lane, where the sweeper was Gimpy Jimmy. He was a tall thin white-haired man who had left a leg in Spain, fighting under the Duke’s command. He would never accept a coin from her, and she had ceased to urge it on him. He was puzzled, she knew, by the fact that, although a lady in appearance, she went to work. He himself was not in need of money. The position was a good one, and he had lived frugally and saved over the years.