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Bear fight

This was the time to get away. Mouritzen called to Nadya: ‘This way! We will escape while they are fighting.’ But instead of coming towards him, she threw herself against the flank of the polar...

The last supper

She put her boots on and went outside. Already, in so short a time, the tent had become stuffy, and she breathed the fresh night air with relief. A brown hump showed where Katerina had...

Night bear

Olsen awoke during the night; his watch told him it was nearly three o’clock. About him there was the sound of steady breathing. He found his boots, slipped them on, and quietly made his way...

‘The beast walks free!’

Mouritzen heard a shout behind him, and turned to see another of the hands coming up from the direction of the forward hatch. Whatever he was saying was carried away by the wind.

Mouritzen shouted: ‘What was that?’

He came up to them. ‘The bear?’

‘What about the bear?’

‘The bear’s loose!’

‘Are you sure?’ Mouritzen demanded.

‘She’s down there, on the deck.’

Carling spoke then, his voice trumpeting over the massed violins of the storm.

‘The first sign!’

All winter we ate Alexander

Nadya rose to her feet and leaned over Olsen, embracing him and laughing. He bore with it with no loss of composure. She sat down at last, the bear skin across her knees. Josef came...

There is more than the bear to look at

Olsen said: ‘Not tomorrow morning.’ ‘Why not? Katerina must have air.’ ‘She can wait till we berth in Dieppe. Not a stroke of work was done on the ship while she was out this morning....

‘Do you like her?’

‘The bear goes a walk,’ Mrs Simanyi said. ‘Would the little Annabel wish to see this?’ ‘I’m sure she would,’ Mary said. ‘Thank you. Where is it?’ She pointed and smiled. ‘On the deck. That...

A big box, painted green

Annabel ran back to them. ‘Will there be any more horses?’ she asked. ‘No more.’ Mouritzen bent down to her. ‘But something else. Do you wish to see?’ She nodded, and he lifted her in...